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The Outdoors Company Joins Forces with the OIA

The Outdoors Company has joined hundreds of organisations that operate in the outdoor industries and become a member of the Outdoor Industries Association (OIA); a non-profit membership organisation that provides advocacy, representation, promotion, leadership and the opportunity for the outdoor recreational industries, to unite with a single common voice.

The OIA  represents over 200 member organisations that provide products and services for the Outdoor Recreation industry, retailers that sell those products and services, NGO’s, NGBs and other organisations which operate in the UK Outdoor Recreation sector.

Their role is to provide leadership and promote the outdoors, persuasively representing the industry’s interests in all activities and at every level and be a high profile, campaigning organisation. 

Its mission is to ‘Engage, Represent and Promote the Outdoor Recreation Industries’ with a long-term vision to ‘Get More People Active Outdoors’. So naturally, The Outdoors Company wanted to get on board.

Mark Dix, Director and Founder of The Outdoors Company, said, « We are honoured to be able to be a part of such an important movement and have the opportunity to engage with, and develop the outdoors industries for the collective good.

Find out more about the OIA and what they do in the below video:

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