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Helping to protect the environment: Eco-aware brands at The Outdoors Company

At The Outdoors Company, our comprehensive ECO range includes premium branded eco-friendly clothing, gear and products from many of the world’s most popular outdoor brands.

Within this range you’ll find many of the very latest innovations designed to keep you feeling great in the great outdoors, whilst helping to protect the environment through the use of eco-friendly materials, reusable choices and recycled options.

Here we highlight just three of the eco-aware brands we work with and briefly summarise some of the thinking behind their approach.

The North Face.

For The North Face, sustainability isn’t merely a side project but a broadly encompassing issue that’s central to everything they do. It covers everything from designing recyclable products for the next adventure, to protecting wild places for the next generation.

As just one aspect of this overall approach, the company invite consumers to give their North Face gear a second chance with The North Face Renewal Process, which, as they put it, refurbishes gear ready for the next adventure.  

Their aim is to ‘keep gear in the wild, and out of the landfill’. Instead of a traditional linear model of shopping, The North Face Renewed invests in circularity and gives hard-worn garments a second life.

They also have a Mend and Make Better service designed to keep our favourite gear in play for longer with The North Face Repair Service.


Fjallraven is a manufacturer of high quality outdoor clothing who recognises the fact that everything we do has an impact on the environment. For this reason, the company is dedicated to doing their utmost to keep their environmental footprint as small as possible.

They have made it their mission to develop products that are not merely built to last for decades of use, but which can then be passed on to the next generation, or even sold on the second hand market.

To achieve this goal, they create garments and hardware using sustainable materials that are tough and durable, easy to repair, and designed so they don’t go out of fashion.

In addition to, and as part of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, (an industry-wide group of more than 80 leading clothing and footwear companies and NGOs), Fjallraven have committed to sharing information and best practices to reduce the environmental and social impacts of their industry.


Patagonia is a world renowned manufacturer of outdoor clothing and gear who think of the climate crisis as their business; as a result they are transforming how they make their products to radically reduce carbon emissions.

For example, 90% of their fabrics, by weight, in Spring 2024 are made with preferred materials. 100% of their down is responsibly sourced. 100% of the virgin cotton in their clothes is grown organically. By 2025, they plan to get to 100 percent.

Patagonia also support community-led efforts to go fossil-fuel-free and protect nature. For almost 40 years they have supported grassroots groups working to find solutions to the environmental crisis.

They’re now taking action on the most pressing issues by connecting with like-minded locals through Patagonia Action Works which supports environmental organisations with bold, direct-action agendas and a commitment to long-term change.

GO ECO with The Outdoors Company.

With the GO ECO range, our long standing partnerships with many of the world’s most recognisable outdoor brands means we are able to provide our customers with a world class range of eco-aware solutions designed to make a positive impact on our planet.

You can view the full comprehensive range of premium branded eco-friendly products available from The Outdoors Company here:

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