World Recycling Day

World Recycling Day was created in 2018 to help recognise, and celebrate, the importance recycling plays in preserving our precious primary resources and securing the future of our planet. It is a day for the world to come together and put the planet first.

For many of our premium partner brands, the issue of sustainability and the conservation of resources is a top priority. Find out more about how our brands are doing their bit for the planet...



"Using more recycled fabrics and challenging our manufacturing processes are two of the most radical steps we can take to reduce our carbon footprint and make a real difference."

A certified, Climate Neural Company with an ambition to achieve Carbon Net Zero by 2030, it has always been in Rab’s DNA to create industry-leading, responsibly made products that don’t compromise on performance. View their sustainability report here.

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"We’ve set an ambitious goal to ensure all products we make are made with recycled, regenerative, organic or responsibly-sourced renewable fabrics – which are fabrics derived from materials that will replenish over the course of a lifetime."

The North Face is committed to creating the best-performing products for exploration whilst working to leave an even smaller footprint on the planet. They have set a goal to ensure that all products are made from recycled, regenerative, or responsibly sourced fabrics by 2025 and are on target to achieve this.  View their sustainability report here

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"When our products have reached the end of their usable lives, instead of sending them to landfill, we recycle them or donate them to people who need it."

Berghaus are producing their most environmentally friendly gear yet, while continuing to deliver the newest innovations that make them leaders in performance. Sustainability is at the heart of the Berghaus ethos. With over 50 years of experience in the outdoor industry, they strive to make kit that’s built to last. Repairing, recycling and repurposing is just a small part of Berghaus’ effort to become a sustainable brand. Find out more about Berghaus' efforts towards sustainability here.

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"Recycled materials have clear advantages for the environment. Instead of generating more garbage, used products, such as water bottles, are given a new lease on life."

With a strong history in the outdoors industry dating back to 1862, Mammut has a strong urge to preserve what's worth preserving and transform what's not perfect yet. The Mammut “WE CARE” philosophy aims to reduce wastage of water, textiles and other valuables to a minimum, while perfecting craftsmanship longevity and performance of their products. View Mammut's sustainability report here.

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“Informed buyers will force the clothing industry to drop their dirty practices. Demand better practices—what you buy is what the industry will become.”

Patagonia has built robust environmental and animal welfare responsibility programs to guide how they make their materials and products. They acknowledge that everything we make has an impact on people and the planet and actively work to combat this through their practices and policies. View their sustainability report here.

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"Nature is our biggest source of inspiration. It’s also where we draw our materials from and where the impact of consumption is most keenly felt."

Fjallraven considers nature within all of their designs. By developing clothing and gear that lasts and by placing strict standards on themselves and suppliers, they hope to leave basecamp in better condition than they found it.  They were voted “Most Sustainable Brand 2021” by The Sustainable Brand Index. The Sustainable Brand Index is Europe's largest study about sustainability with 58,000 consumers in eight countries evaluating over 1,400 brands in 35 industries. Find out more about their sustainability efforts here.

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"Outdoors is our everything."

Hydro Flask aims to make beautifully designed gear that moves people towards nature. Their design and innovation helps to reduce the number of plastic bottles heading to landfill which allows us to keep exploring the places we love.

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"We ensure that we have zero landfill even for damaged stock. We donate stock to Newlife, the Charity for disabled children. Profits from the sale of this stock help to provide essential equipment for disabled children, medical research into birth defects and help fund campaigns at local and national government level."

Craghoppers mission is to make their products as sustainable as possible. From reducing their carbon footprint, energy usage and having zero waste landfill, they take their commitment to the environment extremely seriously. In 2020, they won “Brand of the Year” at the Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards in recognition of the progress they have made. View their sustainability report here.

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