Bothy 8

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Used by mountain leaders, rescue organisations, backcountry skiers and canoe guides all over the world, these indispensable lightweight emergency shelters allow the users to create a ‘microclimate’ that is warm and dry – perfect for map reading, group discussions or even as a morale-booster for wet lunch breaks. Bothy bags come in a range of sizes and feature clear windows, mesh vents and roof ‘sockets’ which can house walking poles for additional support. In 2014 we have modified the bothy’s with a new low temperture PU window allowing it to function in even lower tempertures.



Product Details

  • Packed Size: 30x14cm
  • W = 116cm
  • H = 104cm
  • L = 188cm
  • Weight: 940g
  • Person: 8
  • User range:
  • Emergengy Shelter for all Outdoor Activities
  • Warm and Windproof Shelter
  • Durable

Product Features


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