Entrada 22 Pullover Hoodie

Product Code (SKU): ENT22HDY

For your team. For your planet. This adidas hoodie keeps things comfortable with a soft fleece build. When training sessions slow down pull up the hood and bury your hands in its kangaroo pocket to stay warm. Made in part with recycled content generated from production waste e.g. cutting scraps and post-consumer household waste to avoid the larger environmental impact of producing virgin content.

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Product Details

  • Regular Fit
  • Comfortable pockets
  • Full front zip
  • Woven fabric

Product Features



BLACK, Team Green/white, Team Grey Four, Team Navy Blue 2, Team Power Red 2


S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, X/S



Branding Method

Embroidered Logo, Vinyl Logo


Embroidered Logo

Vinyl Logo

Adidas Size Guide
Colour Size SKU Stock Quantity Add to Quote Select
black x-s SKU-4065418926096 0
black s SKU-4065418922418 0
black m SKU-4065418922340 0
black l SKU-4065418922357 0
black xl SKU-4065418922388 0
black 2xl SKU-4065418926157 0
black 3xl SKU-4065418926171 0
team-green-white x-s SKU-4065425022040 0
team-green-white s SKU-4065425025669 0
team-green-white m SKU-4065425021968 0
team-green-white l SKU-4065425025737 0
team-green-white xl SKU-4065425021982 0
team-green-white 2xl SKU-4065425021890 0
team-green-white 3xl SKU-4065425021906 0
team-grey-four x-s SKU-4065418937658 0
team-grey-four s SKU-4065418937726 0
team-grey-four m SKU-4065418937757 0
team-grey-four l SKU-4065418941440 0
team-grey-four xl SKU-4065418937627 0
team-grey-four 2xl SKU-4065418941457 0
team-grey-four 3xl SKU-4065418933957 0
team-navy-blue-2 x-s SKU-4065418941594 0
team-navy-blue-2 s SKU-4065418941624 0
team-navy-blue-2 m SKU-4065418945318 0
team-navy-blue-2 l SKU-4065418941617 0
team-navy-blue-2 xl SKU-4065418941532 0
team-navy-blue-2 2xl SKU-4065418941631 0
team-navy-blue-2 3xl SKU-4065418941648 0
team-power-red-2 x-s SKU-4065418949163 0
team-power-red-2 s SKU-4065418949101 0
team-power-red-2 m SKU-4065418949095 0
team-power-red-2 l SKU-4065418949187 0
team-power-red-2 xl SKU-4065418949293 0
team-power-red-2 2xl SKU-4065418945486 0
team-power-red-2 3xl SKU-4065418953047 0