Men’s Keb Trousers

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Award-winning, trekking trousers in stretch fabric and G-1000. Now updated for even better performance, comfort and durability. Produced without PFCs, made for a lifetime of use.

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Product Details

  • Adaptable with Greenland Wax
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Wind resistant
  • Stretch Ventilation

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44/L, 44/R, 44/S, 46/L, 46/R, 46/S, 48/L, 48/R, 48/S, 50/L, 50/R, 50/S, 52/L, 52/R, 52/S, 54/L, 54/R, 54/S, 56/L, 56/R, 56/S, 58/L, 58/R, 58/S, 60/L, 60/R, 60/S

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black 42-r SKU-7323450914851 0
black 44-r SKU-7323450915155 0
black 46-r SKU-7323450915452 0
black 48-r SKU-7323450915759 0
black 50-r SKU-7323450916053 0
black 52-r SKU-7323450916350 0
black 54-r SKU-7323450916657 0
black 56-r SKU-7323450916954 0
black 58-r SKU-7323450917258 0
black 60-r SKU-7323450917555 0
black 42-l SKU-7323450914752 0
black 44-l SKU-7323450915056 0
black 46-l SKU-7323450915353 0
black 48-l SKU-7323450915650 0
black 50-l SKU-7323450915957 0
black 52-l SKU-7323450916251 0
black 54-l SKU-7323450916558 0
black 56-l SKU-7323450916855 0
black 58-l SKU-7323450917159 0
black 60-l SKU-7323450917456 0