In 1966, outdoor wear as we know it didn’t really exist. Then Berghaus came along.


Berghaus have been producing the very best in high-performance outdoor products ever since. Their high-quality, innovative clothing range, inspired by what climbers actually want and need, is why we at The Outdoors Company offer the Berghaus brand to all our customers.

What are Berghaus’s unique selling points?

  • One of the top selling outdoor brands in the UK and arguably the most well-known outdoor focused apparel and equipment brand in the UK.
  • Leading company in the field for new product design and technology development.
  • They offer a life time guarantee with all of their products. If they don’t perform to a client’s satisfaction, it can be returned for a repair, replacement or refund.*
  • They have created their own fabric technology known as Hydroshell™ - a rival to the well-known Gore-Tex™. Hydroshell™ is engineered to be fully waterproof, windproof & breathable. The outer face of the textile is treated with a durable water repellent finish that helps form droplets and repels water from the surface. Each multi layered textile is engineered to allow water vapour to pass through from the inside out.
  • MADEKIND™ is their approach to looking after our planet which brings together their ongoing efforts to reduce their environmental impacts from production, run their business responsibly and make a difference to deserving communities.
  • The company’s HQ is still based in the UK in Sunderland, Tyne & Wear
  • Their current season products hold the RRP price.
  • They hold a lot more stock than other brands across their full range, so a great choice for volumes of the 100+


Who’ll be interested in Berghaus?

A well-known, instantly-recognisable brand for many due to its presence on the high street in their own boutique stores, department stores and sports-fashion retailers. As a result, Berghaus is one of the easiest brands to sell to end-user companies.

Companies like the brand association with Berghaus for their dedication to performance, quality and design.

British companies also identify with it as a British brand.

Berghaus is still a popular brand among the following brands:

  • British companies – any business that prides itself on being a British company like the brand association with a quality British brand like Berghaus
  • Public sector – e.g. covert police units, RAF units, army units, NHS units...
  • Outdoor activity sector – e.g. outdoor centres, leisure companies working in the outdoors, holiday resorts and luxury spa resorts
  • Food and beverage sector – e.g. breweries and pub chains, distilleries, food producers and agriculture groups
  • Car sector – e.g. car dealerships and car manufacturers

Core product range

  • Waterproof shell jackets
  • 3-in-1 jacket (includes waterproof jacket and fleece that are detachable if required)
  • Soft shell jackets
  • Micro (light-weight) fleece – full zip
  • Micro (light-weight) fleece – half zip
  • Mid-weight fleece – full zip
  • Mid-weight fleece gillet/vest
  • Down insulated jacket
  • Down insulated gillet/vest
  • T-shirt (Polyester)
  • Headwear
  • Gloves
  • Neck Gaiter
  • Rucksacks/daysacks
  • Waterproof over-trousers

These products sell really well in the promotional merchandise industry and are available all year round to ensure continuity of supply.

All products in this core range have a guarantee of supply for the next 5 years.

Wholesale buying prices for core product lines start from £12.88 ex VAT.

Other products such as trousers, base layers, shirts, luggage bags, and footwear with associated cleaning products sell really well across the promotional merchandise industry, too. However, these items may be subject to change every 6 months and so stock is subject to availability. If a requested product is ever out of stock, future dates on stock availability can be provided and alternative products will also be offered.

For more information on the Berghaus products we can supply you, call us on 01270  757890 or drop us an email at:

*Their lifetime guarantee is the length of time any piece of kit can reasonably be expected to keep delivering the same great performance as when it was new. To find out more, visit


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Berghaus Brand Bag Price 17.23
Berghaus Corporate Logo Tee Price 15.19
Berghaus Expedition Mule 40 Price 36.43
Berghaus GTX Gaiters Price 30.76
Berghaus Hottar Hybrid Insulated Jacket Price 61.50
Berghaus Men's Deluge Pant Price 36.90
Berghaus Men's Deluge Pro Shell Jacket Price 61.50
Berghaus Men's Expeditor Active AQ Shoe Price 58.42
Berghaus Men's Expeditor Trek 2.0 Price 61.50
Berghaus Men's Explorer Trek GTX Price 119.48
Berghaus Men's Ghlas Softshell Jacket Price 61.50
Berghaus Men's Hillwalker II GTX Price 85.04
Berghaus Men's Hillwalker Jacket Price 110.69
Berghaus Men's Prism Micro PT Half Zip Price 30.76
Berghaus Men's Prism Micro PT Jacket Price 33.84
Berghaus Men's Prism PT Jacket Price 36.90
Berghaus Men's Prism PT Vest IA Price 33.84
Berghaus Men's RG Alpha Gemini 3-in-1 Jacket Price 98.40
Berghaus Men's RG Alpha Jacket Price 67.64
Berghaus Men's Tech Tee LS Crew Neck Price 18.47
Berghaus Men's Tech Tee SS Crew Neck Price 15.19
Berghaus Men's Tephra Reflect Jacket Price 104.55
Berghaus Men's Tephra Reflect Vest Price 85.01
Berghaus Seral Insulated Jacket Price 73.39
Berghaus Touch Screen Glove Price 18.23
Berghaus Trailbyte 30 Price 46.13
Berghaus TwentyFourSeven 15 Rucksack Price 18.47
Berghaus TwentyFourSeven 20 Rucksack Price 21.55
Berghaus TwentyFourSeven 25 Rucksack Price 24.29
Berghaus TwentyFourSeven 30 Rucksack Price 30.37
Berghaus Women's Deluge Pant Price 36.90
Berghaus Women's Elara Gemini 3in1 Jkt Jacket Price 98.40
Berghaus Women's Elara Jacket Price 67.64
Berghaus Womens Expeditor Active AQ Shoe Price 58.42
Berghaus Women's Expeditor Trek 2.0 Price 64.59
Berghaus Women's Hillwalker II GTX Price 85.04
Berghaus Women's Hillwalker Jacket Price 104.55
Berghaus Women's Prism Micro PT Half Zip Price 27.32
Berghaus Women's Prism Micro PT Jacket Price 33.84
Berghaus Women's Prism PT Jacket Price 36.90
Berghaus Women's Prism PT Vest Price 30.76
Paclite Pants by Berghaus Price 73.79
Powerstretch Balaclava by Berghaus Price 18.21
Spectrum Beanie by Berghaus Price 9.10
Spectrum Glove by Berghaus Price 9.10