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Creating branded beanie hats people will want to wear

Question: When is a beanie hat not just a beanie hat?

Answer: When it’s a beanie hat with your logo/company name on it.

So much more than keeping your head warm in cold weather, beanies are a fashion statement that transcends class and age barriers to bring anyone who wears one right up to date style wise.

Beanies are cool.

Branded beanies are a pretty cool way of getting your brand to go to people’s heads. A fetchingly branded beanie from The Outdoors Company makes a statement that showcases your company’s unique style. From brands like Rab and Hershel, our collection offers a diverse array of styles, colours and designs to suit every taste and occasion. 

Then there’s the question of a distinctive font.

Your choice of fonts can make all the difference. It could be that a particular font style already plays a central role in your brand’s logo and its personality. If you’re looking to add your logo or brand, The Outdoors Company can produce a top-quality company personalisation on your beanie. We offer a complete embroidery and print service alongside the supply of our range of hats and accessories.

Choose the right personalisation method.

Most of The Outdoors Company hats are available with embroidery and vinyl printing. But whatever the design, embroidered branding on beanie hats adds visually interesting depth, colour, and contrast that makes them stand out, and it works with most of our beanie hats.

Our highly skilled team of decorators will be able to help advise you on what’s possible. With over 15 years’ experience, they can personalise your hats, making them an ideal option for branded workwear or corporate gifts.


Our embroidery machines use a needle and coloured threads to recreate your logo into a stitched design. This is a durable approach, that will look professional and versatile.

Vinyl Printing?

Vinyl printing prints or cuts out your logo on a vinyl material, then heat presses that onto a garment. This method is used on difficult-to-access areas, and garments that need to retain their waterproof quality.

Opt for a quality brand.

At The Outdoors Company we only stock big outdoor brands, made with quality materials that help to protect the environment using eco-friendly materials, reusable choices and recycled options. These include hats from Herschel, Rab, Columbia and Helly Hansen.

Once you’ve picked a hat from the brand you like, personalising your premium brand garment is a great way to align your brand with sought-after world-leading brands, whilst further driving awareness of who you are, and what your business stands for. Personalised, dual-branded corporate wear or promotional gifts can strengthen your brand and make it instantly more recognisable.

When you’ve decided where you’d like your name or logo placed on your beanie, our branding placement guidelines will outline the branding placement options.

Give a thought to materials.

Consider where and when your beanie is likely to be worn, and in what conditions. Somewhere warm? Somewhere cold? A versatile all year rounder? For example, will it be the smart and civilised urban jungle, a cool countryside rave, or a wild and windy mountain ridge?  

This will help you decide between materials such an 80% lambswool/20% nylon mix beanie, a 100% acrylic beanie, a fine gauge knit beanie, or a waterproof three-layer beanie with an acrylic outer and micro fleece lining.

So the message is simple: If you want to get ahead, get your brand on a beanie from The Outdoors Company. 

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