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The Outdoors Company is delighted to announce their newest premium brand partner for AW18…

What sets Arc’teryx products aside from other high-end premium brand outdoorwear? Well, it’s pricey and may not be the right choice for every business. But the brand have worked hard to adapt some of their most popular technical pieces from their outdoor range, providing opportunities for corporate clients to personalise with their unique logo sitting alongside the instantly-recognisable Archaeopteryx. And if a business wants their logo to be seen and to raise awareness of their brand, products and services in the marketplace, then Arc’teryx is a great choice for corporatewear and promotional apparel for events.

The logo

The name and logo of Arc'teryx refer to the Archaeopteryx, among the earliest known birds. It is said the bird "evolved wings to adapt to its hazardous environment.

"And in the same way, Arc’teryx uses an evolutionary design process to create outdoor apparel that helps their customers overcome hazardous environments.

"They want their customers to be thinking about the task at hand, not whether they are cold, wet, or uncomfortable.

"They also value sustainability."



The Corporate Range

The corporate range from Arc'teryx aligns your company with a premier brand, renowned for innovations that become industry standards.

Arc’teryx has specifically redesigned select top styles from their outdoor line to provide corporate clients with options where branding is paramount:

  • Consistent colour sets available to both men and women

  • Arc’teryx logo has been relocated from the chest to provide your brand with full access to the front of the garment

  • Men’s sizing up to size XXXL

We can now supply a core range of essential items, perfect for dual-branding alongside the esteemed and instantly-recognisable Archaeopteryx, ensuring your brand gets noticed!

For enquiries, quotes and advice on our new core range from Arc’teryx, call us on 01270 757890 or email us at

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